About Us

Oh hi, I'm new here...

Hello! I'm Bunny. *waves into my laptop*

As of Jan 2023, I've gratefully taken over Earth House from the previous owner Laura to run alongside my existing business Clarity Co. Woohoo!

A long-time lover of oils and all things that smell nice and make you feel good, I first became a customer of Earth House early 2022. Then when the opportunity came up to take on the entire business, I leapt in with both feet faster than you can say phthalate free.

(Seriously - try and say it. I'm thankful that I'm writing this, rather than speaking it out loud where people can hear me.)
But I digress.
So, a little about me:
- I'm a bit of a goofball, I love a good pun, and I use bad humour to cover anxious feelings (hence the meme above).
- I also own a crystal shop, so I think it's safe to say I'm a bit woo-woo - but I also love things backed with science.
- My real name is Bhanyavy (I'm half Cambodian), but apparently that's harder to pronounce than phthalate, so I've gone by Bunny since I was 13... which was *ahem* several years ago. I like both my names; both suit me to a T.
I love the quality, the scent, the ethos and the whole vibe of Earth House oils, and am incredibly proud to now be the face behind this wonderful business.  I intend to carry on the top notch service and product quality that you know and love, and am excited to add to it with my own blend of experience and ideas!
I'm also lucky enough to have a gorgeous wee team of Earth House/Clarity Co. superstars here with me, helping fulfil your orders and generally keeping things running when I get a bit over-excited and start trying to do ALL THE THINGS while also raising my three boys, spending time with my husband, drink enough water and practice some form of self care. Surely there's an oil for that, right?
Whether you're a bit of a dab hand at using oils, or are completely new to the concept, you're welcome here.  Essential oils are such a wonderful way to uplift your soul, ground you, create calm, defrazzle your nerves, aid focus and bring the zen - and I'm super proud to share them with you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here.
With love,
Bunny xx