What Are Fragrant Oils?

What Are Fragrant Oils?

Fragrant oils, also known as fragrance oils or perfume oils, are synthetic or blended oils designed to mimic the aroma of various scents, such as flowers, fruits, spices, foods, places, or other elements. Unlike essential oils, which are derived from plant material, fragrant oils are generally created through chemical synthesis in a laboratory.

Fragrant oils are commonly used to add scent to various products such as perfumes, potpourri, soaps, candles, and lotions. They offer the flexibility to replicate almost any scent you could think of - from the sensual floral aroma of Ylang Ylang to warm, enveloping White Musk.

One advantage of fragrant oils is their versatility and consistency. They can be formulated to accurately reproduce specific aromas that may be difficult to obtain using essential oils alone. Fragrant oils can also provide a longer-lasting scent compared to natural essential oils, as their synthetic nature allows for better stability and slower evaporation.

It's important to note that while fragrant oils can provide enjoyable scents, they don't possess the therapeutic benefits associated with essential oils. They are primarily used for their fragrance rather than any potential health effects. Additionally, some individuals may be sensitive or allergic to certain synthetic fragrance compounds, so it's always recommended to perform a patch test if using for a product you apply to the skin.

Our Earth House fragrant oil range is completely NZ made, and contains NO phthalates; phthalates are a chemical compound sometimes used in fragrances to stabilise the scent, however they have been shown to pose health risks with exposure, including toxicity and endocrine disruption. It's safest to choose fragrances (and products containing fragrances, such as candles and skincare) that are phthalate-free.

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